2016-2017 Year in Review

TCS is dedicated to helping students develop into professionals who can affect positive change in the world. In 2016-2017, we continued to provide our students and faculty various opportunities to immerse themselves in cultures and communities across the globe, while expanding our interdisciplinary programming and reach throughout the world.

Faculty Internationalization Grants

This year, we provided 16 Faculty Internationalization Grants to our colleges and universities—empowering them to build lasting academic relationships, equipping faculty to apply global engagement lessons to their classroom curricula, and developing enriching study abroad opportunities for their students.

The Chicago School’s Los Angeles Campus faculty member Dr. Nadia R. Jones hosted several play therapy workshops for marriage and family therapists at Universidad Favaloro—to explore trauma through an evidenced based lens.

Collaborating with the University of Peace, faculty from The Chicago School met with La Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) for professional development—focusing on in-depth issues that can be applied in the classroom.

Saybrook and Colleges of Law faculty collaboratively investigated opportunities to establish instructional, research, and program relationships with Cuban institutions and agencies.

Saybrook faculty led a four-day workshop on hypnosis in partnership with the American University in Cairo and the Blue Lotus Well Being Foundation.

Under the J-1 Exchange Scholar Grant, Chicago School faculty member Dr. Aaron Mishara sponsored leading French neuropsychology of schizophrenia researcher Dr. Anne Giersh, giving her the opportunity to share her research with The Chicago School’s academic community.

Supported by Charite-Universitatsmedizin-Germany & Department of Psychiatry-Charles University-Czech Republic, The Chicago School faculty member Dr. Aaron Mishara built on a long-term collaborative research project with former J-1 Exchange Scholar, Dr. Philipp Sterzer.

Strategically building on a five-year MOU with Sanata Dharma University (USD) to promote academic cooperation, faculty from Pacific Oaks and The Chicago School journeyed to Yogyakarta to strengthen their partnerships.

The Chicago School facilitated a program titled Crossing Borders and Weaving Intercultural Work, Life, and Scholarship in Globalizing Universities. At this event, Dr. Adam Komisarof of Keio University met with The Chicago School faculty to discuss the globalization of campuses.

Through a J-1 Exchange Scholar Grant, Dr. Patricia Perez from The Chicago School sponsored Dr. Othman H. Alkhadher from Kuwait University. Dr. Alkhadher provided The Chicago School community with a better understanding of psychological issues in the Middle East and Kuwait.

Ten students from CETYS University, Mexico, and ten students from The Chicago School engaged in a weekend of workshops/presentations for multicultural learning experiences.


Dr. Nancy Bothne from The Chicago School presented on the community life of torture survivors to a global audience of activists, layers, mental health professionals, and researchers at the International Conference on Torture.

Saybrook faculty traveled to The Netherlands to share academic ideas with the Academy of Integrative Medicine (AIM)—a newly launched two-year certification program to address a growing interest in integrative medicine.

Chicago School faculty further advanced its partnership with La Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) in Lima to attract prospective exchange students to its B.A. in Psychology program.

Faculty from Saybrook and The Chicago School traveled to Sabi Sands to participate in a Fellowship offered in collaboration with our in-country partner, READ Educational Trust.


Pacific Oaks College and The Chicago School faculty launched a week-long intergenerational trauma training program in Kathorus for mental health clinicians at the Ekupholeni Mental Health and Trauma Centre.

Through this community service project, Dr. Priscilla Cheng provided workshops for caregivers of traumatized youth in Lira and Kampala. Training included providing tools to caregivers of traumatized youth on the impact of vicarious traumatic stress and compassion fatigue.

Among these Faculty Internationalization Grants, four promoted cross-disciplinary cooperation among nearly a dozen TCS college faculty members to advance the following key initiatives:

Cross-College Partnership Exploration: Havana, Cuba

Jackie Gardina, J.D., The Santa Barbara & Ventura Colleges of Law

Eric Willmarth, Ph.D., Saybrook University

Luann Drolc Fortune, Ph.D., Saybrook University

Trauma Training Development: Kathorus, South Africa

Rebecca Rojas, Ph.D., Pacific Oaks College

Bree Davis, Psy.D, Pacific Oaks College

Nancy Bothne, Ph.D., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

School Guidance and Counseling Advancement: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Lorene Jabola, Ph.D., Pacific Oaks College

Breeda McGrath, Ph.D., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Patricia Perez, Ph.D., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Leadership Training Development: Sabi Sands, South Africa

Charles Piazza, Ph.D., Saybrook University

Robyn Catagnus, Ed.D., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

This three-month course brought together students and faculty from all of our colleges to examine immigration from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Culminating in a 10-day immersive trip to Berlin, students and faculty cultivated a deep understanding of the ways that immigration affects individuals and the world around them.

2016-2017: A Year of Firsts

Following are highlights of our community’s efforts to prepare agents of change to succeed in a borderless world:

  • Launched the cross-college study abroad program, Immigration in Contexts: Examination of Germany, with participation of all TCS colleges
  • Launched international colloquia with System-wide participation in International Education Week
  • Provided TCS governing board direct exposure to students’ international experience and System-wide impact of global curriculum
  • Installed International Agents in India and China to help support student recruitment and brand awareness
  • Participated in NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Advocacy Day to speak to Congress about the importance of international education
  • Participated in NAFSA’s International Conference to connect with international education professionals from more than 100 countries
  • Received Fulbright scholarship—opening study and teaching opportunities in more than 140 countries
  • Presented to the international education community at the Forum on Education Abroad—advocating and supporting students with disabilities during study abroad
  • Launched Faculty Internationalization Grants, including international residency in Vienna and virtual faculty exchange in Brazil
  • Launched Faculty Assisted International Recruitment Program (FAIR)
  • Joined Institute of International Education’s Generation Study Abroad
  • Launched Faculty-Assisted International Recruitment Program (FAIR)
  • Launched field experience for The Chicago School’s second academic program that requires study abroad (Master of Public Health)
  • Launched campus internationalization with initial designation request to sponsor international students for student visas
  • Installed International Agents in India, China, and United Arab Emirates to help support student recruitment and brand awareness

Expanding Our Global Reach


10 new international partners through articulation agreements and memorandums of understanding.