2016-2017 Year in Review

Navigating the evolving world of higher education takes a unique approach:


Radical Cooperation is the conscious decision to purposefully work with others to achieve profound outcomes capable of changing the world. This practice harnesses collective intellect and human nature’s tendency to seek out community to help us all thrive. Without question, it is a cornerstone of highly functioning communities and societies and our success in the higher education sector.

As a System, we radically and purposefully cooperated with one another over the past year to deliver on the following goals:

  • Goal One Augment college efforts to create opportunities for students by developing pathways that support academic partnerships, expansion, and persistence.
  • Goal Two Position each college to reach more communities through efforts that promote brand awareness for all system entities.
  • Goal Three Develop a financial plan that provides for organizational investment and continued achievement of the operating surplus.
  • Goal Four Broaden and scale the technological infrastructure to enhance faculty, student, and staff experiences through implementation of the IT Strategic Plan.
  • Goal Five Conduct an organizational survey of the TCS operating framework and compliance initiatives.

Following are highlights of our most recent cooperative efforts.

Immigration in Contexts:

Examination of Germany

In partnership with TCS colleges, the TCS Global Engagement team successfully launched the System’s first-ever TCS cross-college study abroad program in Berlin, Germany.

An intensive three-month course, the program brought together students, faculty, and leadership from all TCS colleges to understand the perspectives of individuals, families, communities, and providers directly impacted by immigration.

The experience gave all participants a new frame for solving complex issues spanning psychology, social, educational, legal, health care, and intercultural disciplines.



750,000 PEOPLE

filed for asylum in Germany in 2016

(EU Statistical Office)

Why Immigration?


recognized worldwide and growing.

(The UN Refugee Agency)

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Biennial Board Conference

Nearly 75 attendees from six governing boards and TCS leadership took Radical Cooperation to a new level as they gathered to share best practices for rising to the challenges of today’s higher ed sector.

This group of strategic minds convened in Seattle to uncover new insights from industry leaders across several leading topics in the higher ed. landscape:

Technology in Education

(Including a tour of the Microsoft Innovation Center)

Transformative Social Change

(Featuring Loudspeaker Films)

The Future of Work

(With Global Foresight)

Education Beyond Borders

Enterprise Risk Management