2017-2018 Year in Review

Next Generation TCS

Through the execution of this plan, we are positioning our colleges to not only engage today’s students but tomorrow’s as well.

Empowering Growth

Behind every plan is a talented team that carries it out. TCS employees understand that the work they do empowers our community of colleges and universities to provide an outstanding academic experience for their students.

They are an important part of the community solution and feel proud to have contributed to our growth and success this year.

Discover the impact they’ve made:

This year, I most enjoyed upgrading our purchasing system, because it allowed me to work across all departments and universities. TCS is nimble enough to do big things while still feeling close-knit, and I love it!

— Felecia Brown, Accounts Payable Manager

Being challenged to manage large-scale events—from board conferences to leadership summits—and witnessing the continuous innovation and impact TCS creates for our community of students has been really rewarding.

— Jennifer Brunette, President’s Office Manager

Winning another industry award for the design of Saybrook’s UNBOUND Digital Magazine was a very proud moment. We love bringing our universities to life through great content and design.

— Julia Haynes, Creative Manager

Through implementing advanced security measures and employee training, we were able to decrease incidents of email phishing and increase our overall digital security.

— Chukwuemeka Evulukwu, IT Security Analyst

About Us

Our Mission

TCS Education System prepares innovative, engaged, purposeful agents of change who serve our global community.

At a Glance

TCS is a nonprofit system of colleges advancing student success and community impact.

Through the support of TCS, our colleges and universities are empowered to concentrate on providing exceptional educational experiences to their students across socially responsible and vital disciplines such as education, law, psychology, and health care.

Our commitment to service binds us together. Every TCS college and university integrates real-world training and community immersion into their curricula.

TCS is the Community Solution in Higher Education®

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