2018-2019 Year in Review

Working collaboratively with our partner colleges, we have endeavored to create a more unified and meaningful experience for students over the past 10 years—and we continue doing this important work.

As a System, we radically and purposefully cooperated with one another over the past year to deliver on the following goals.

Expand system impact by advancing strategic initiatives throughout the student life cycle

Drive system effectiveness and innovation by fortifying the community solution model through new technologies and capabilities

Broaden the TCS Education System community, connections, and identity

Expanding and Collaborating

We focused on building engagement with new audiences and deepening connections—enhancing our reach and recognition.

Targeted new audiences
through digital
marketing innovations

Held third Biennial
TCS Board Conference

Affiliated with Kansas
Health Science Center

Grew social media
followers 22% YOY

Here are some of the innovative solutions we provided System-wide.